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  • Michael Starobin on the Art of Orchestrating and the Importance of Writing

    Meet one of Broadway’s best-known orchestrators who worked on countless Sondheim shows including Sunday in the Park With George.

  • What Is the Job of the Musical Director? Paul Gemignani Gives Us the Ins and Outs

    The legendary conductor discusses his work and career with his biographer, Margaret Hall.

  • The Weird and Wonderful World of Broadway Merchandise

    If you have been in a theater in the last 25 years, you’ve seen them. Tucked against the wall, a handful of merchandise sellers hawk their wares to a seemingly endless stream of audience members, all clamoring for that one special token to commemorate their experience. Most people reach for a logo T-shirt or a…

  • How Kenley Players brought Broadway to the masses

    Did Midwestern theatrical impresario John Kenley reinvent onstage stunt casting? Honestly, yeah.

  • Caden Marshall – The Musical Dealer

    Caden Marshall, TikTok’s resident musical dealer, is bringing new heights to the idea of accessible art. With carefully curated spreadsheets, a devoted following, and hundreds of show recommendations under his belt, he has harnessed the power of the digital algorithm to connect theatre fans with undersung shows, ranging from the forgotten hits of yesteryear to…

  • “I was romantic too.” : A Tribute to Alvin Ing

    The theatrical community has lost one of its greatest guiding lights. Alvin Ing, a theatrical trailblazer, passed away this week at the age of 89.

  • ‘In the Heights’ Easter Eggs!

    With the film adaptation of ‘In the Heights’ officially released to the general public (both in movie theatres, and on HBO Max), the time for Easter egg hunting has begun. Below are 13 of our favorite cameos, ranging from original Broadway cast members to legendary public radio hosts.

  • Alvin Ing: Tales of a Theatrical Trailblazer

    Alvin Ing is one such performer who pushed open the door for so many to follow. With a crystalline tenor and natural grace, he fought headfirst against racial discrimination, becoming a legend to those who have had the honor of knowing him.

  • 5 things that RENT popularized for the Broadway community

    April 29th marks 25 years since RENT opened on Broadway in 1996. What began as a ragtag Off-Broadway production became a cultural phenomenon that ran more than 5,000 performances on Broadway, launched a Hollywood film, and became the go-to piece of theatrical angst for a generation. As think pieces and tributes pour in, why not…

  • “Memorializing the Moment”: A History of Musical Theater Merchandise

    When pressed to give examples of innovations within the American theater over the last 50 years, a number of technological marvels likely come to mind… These modern marvels, now commonplace, have been dwarfed in impact by one seemingly ubiquitous piece of infrastructure at the back of every auditorium: the merchandise booth.