Margaret Hall

Writer, Teacher, Historian

Praise for GEMIGNANI

“Through Margaret Hall’s guiding hand we learn everything about Paul from his family’s history, to the luck that landed him in an orchestra pit in the first place, to the inner workings of how a show goes from the page to the stage, and insights into working with legends of Broadway. The stories are heartwarming, fascinating and at times poignant. If you are a theater aficionado, you need to add this book to your collection. Brava to Ms. Hall on her first book. I’m looking forward to other looks into theater legacies and lore from her in the future.”

Amy Taylor

“Margaret Hall has fashioned a book that is a musical theatre lover’s delight. Equally informative and engaging, Gemignani raises the curtain and lets you meet a man whose contributions have proven integral to the sound of Broadway.

With her intelligent yet accessible writing, Hall invites us in and allows us to see Gemignani’s integrity and dedication to his craft. Though first and foremost a memoir, it transforms into something more. It is, ultimately, a love letter to artists and collaborators everywhere.”

Josh Sharpe